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Training for your disciple-making journey.


DisciplePath interactive learning environments equip you to create your disciple-making game plan.


The round table discussions bring local pastors together to share best practices and apply biblical principles for disciplemaking. These interactive discussions are encouraging, enjoyable, and educational.


How can your church intentionally move a person from spiritual infancy to spiritual leadership? How can you increase the disciple-making capacity of your church? These questions and more are discussed at this 2-hour event. 

At a DisciplePath round table you will learn fresh ideas for improving disciplemaking effectiveness in your church and you will meet other pastors, like you, who are  committed to doing the same thing. 

intentional discipleship workshop

This one-day, interactive workshop equips church teams with the primary principles essential for implementing a biblical discipleship process in your church.

Areas discussed include: 

  • Jesus' Disciplemaking

  • Christ's Four Phases

  • Effectiveness & Dangers

  • Intentionality in Building Disciple-making Relationships & Ministries

You will come away excited and challenged to take the next steps in your disciple-making journey!

learning summits

As the heartbeat of Christ and the emphasis of our ministry, the whole-church intentional discipleship training process takes place in a local church setting.

We encourage you to bring as many of your church family as you can to the learning summits to simplify and streamline the development of a disciple-making culture in your church.

These whole-church learning summits are designed to go at your pace. Typically they are scheduled two months apart. This allows teams to complete assignments together between summits as they work toward transforming the culture of your church.. Combined with coaching, this training approach has a high rate of success. 

"No one stumbles into spiritual maturity."

Dallas Willard

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