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Top players and teams have a coach.


Your DisciplePath coach helps you implement your disciple-making game plan.

DisciplePath Coaching

It is a whole-team effort to develop a disciple-making culture in your church. You and your leadership team will have a coach who has been there and done that. The DisciplePath coach provides the support, accountability, and best practices you need to implement your disciple-making game plan.

Coaching Format

You will meet once a month with your coach who will help you overcome obstacles, work through uncertainties, apply best practices, and hold you accountable for getting results.

Once every other month, you will meet with a cohort of other pastors that are leading their churches through the transition to a disciple-making culture, too. This peer coaching enables you to learn from other pastors who are experiencing the same transition as you.

Coaching Outcomes

  • Guidance to make lasting changes that stick.

  • A vision for what your church will look like as a disciple-making church.

  • A customized plan for leading change.

  • An ideal infrastructure to catalyze disciple-making in your church.

  • A disciple-making philosophy of ministry to anchor the disciple-making culture.

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