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Our goal is to help churches implement a shift to intentional, whole-church disciple-making in a way that respects where they are and helps them realize their full potential, then multiply.

We’re humbly confident in the principles and methods we teach, yet we know we always have more to learn, from God, from each other and from those we train. The tools we use to train leaders and disciple-makers are effective, and we prayerfully remain open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we continue in our work. We’re not just trainers and coaches, we’re lifelong students.

Church training for your disciple-making journey. 

Our Vision

To see every church thrive by creating

disciples who multiply, love on purpose,

and bring the message of God to all. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Is to coach leaders and train churches to pursue the Great Commission and multiply by following Christ's model, biblical principles, and best practices for making disciples who make disciples.

Our Commitment

To God, to you, to your church, and to ourselves is to live on co-mission with Christ. We commit to help you develop a vision for your church, align your church on a common purpose, implement a discipleship culture and grow by multiplying. We provide a framework and tools that equip you and your church for your disciple-making journey.

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