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Experience new heights by making disciples who make disciples.

Currently Training over 14,000 pastors/ministry leaders
with over 1,000 Discipleship Centers
in 45 Countries

DisciplePath is the North American Division of TNet International. The ministry team has more than 30 years of experience training pastors and ministry leaders in 45 countries and expanding. This allows DisciplePath to help churches gain both a local and global Kingdom perspective as they develop their own biblical Whole Church Intentional Discipleship Process.
We help you develop a disciple-making culture in your church.

Vision, Mission & Commitment

For your disciple-making journey

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Most churches want to make disciples. Too often, however, well-meaning churches become too busy with activities and paralyzed with programming. Pastors feel exhausted. Lay leaders feel unsure. The harvest is less than it could be. Congregants remain stagnant in their spiritual development or lose interest all together.  Consequently, churches wither away, failing to attract young families or reflect the makeup of the local community. 

We’re here to help you change that.


Step by step, we guide you through the process of equipping your church for intentional disciple-making. You and your team will learn to use Bible-based strategies, processes and structures that literally transform the church from the inside out.

Unlike endless programming that causes exhaustion and stagnation, DisciplePath is not a program. It is a biblical philosophy based on the purpose of pursuing the Great Commission. Revitalize your church by developing believers who continually mature in Christ with a biblical approach that is transferable and reproducible. 


(You lead. We help.)


(God promised)


God will be glorified, the church will grow, and people will be transformed through intentional, redemptive relationships. That is discipleship. Obeying God and loving one another is the simple yet elusive result that generates bubbly excitement and contagious passion.


Can you imagine a harvest that is always bountiful? God says it is right in front of our eyes, there just simply aren't enough workers. What if you could train highly committed laborers that work the fields daily by helping nurture others to grow up strong and ready for anything? You can! The Bible is the blueprint. We are your partners. Anything is possible. Start today.


Training for your whole church to understand and implement Jesus' disciple-making method.

Coaching to help you set the course and stay the course for developing a discipleship culture in your church.

Hands-on, fun, and interactive way to learn Jesus' method of discipleship for making disciples who multiply.

How ready is your church to make disciples who make disciples? Take this free self-assessment to find out.

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"Discipleship does not happen simply because a church exists. It occurs when there is an intentional and strategic thrust to facilitate spiritual maturity.”

George Barna, True Disciples

Upcoming Events

  • To be rescheduled for 2025
    Israel & Jordan
    To be rescheduled for 2025
    Israel & Jordan, Israel
    To be rescheduled for 2025
    Israel & Jordan, Israel
    POSTPONED: Due to the situation in Israel this trip has been postponed. Please check back soon! Gain insights into your own spiritual journey while traveling to biblical lands where Jesus discipled His followers!
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